Name: Aaron Carter

Nicknames: Airboy, A.C.

Birthdate: 7th December 1987

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Brown

Place of birth: Tampa, Florida

Residence: Tampa, Florida

Family: Mum Jane, Dad Robert, his twin Angel, brother Nick, sisters Bobbi Jean - BJ and Leslie

Pets: Two dogs - Pepper and Simba, and a few cats

Hobbies: Sports like baseball, basketball and swimming, playing the saxaphone

Favourite subjects: Maths and Music

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite drink: Sprite

Favourite actor: Sylvester Stallone

Favourite movies: Ninja turtles parts 1-3

Favourite cars: Porsche and BMW

Favourite baseball team: Oakland Athletes

Songs on Aaron's first album:


Crush On You 3:27

Intro 1:30

I Will Be Yours 3:30

I'll Gonna Miss You Forever 3:38

Crazy Little Party Girl 3:25

Please Don't Go Girl 4:21

Tell Me How To Make You Smile 3:30

Shake It 4:58

One Bad Apple 3:25

I'd Do Anything 4:00

Get Wild 4:35

Swing It Out 3:52

Ain't That Cute (written by Nick and Brian) 3:15





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