Nick facts


Name: Nickolas Gene Carter

Nicknames: Chaos, Frack, Mr Hyper Man, Nicky, Slam

Birthdate: 28th January 1980

Height: 180 cm

Hair: Blond "I've been blond for a while now and I thought about keeping it that way. Actually, I'm not this blond; it's a bit darker. But I like dyeing my hair blond ..."

Eyes: Blue

Place of birth: Jamestown, New York

Place of residence: Tampa, Florida

Star sign: Aquarius

Family: Mum Jane, Dad Robert, sister Bobbi Jean- BJ, Leslie and the twins Aaron and Angel

Car: Camaro Z28

Relationships: Nick claims that he has never really fallen in love.

Type of girl he likes: When he first started dating, he went for girls with long dark hair, but now he thinks personality is more important. Someone honest, loyal, romantic and who loves him for who he is.

Part of a woman's body he finds sexy: Hair, legs





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