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Welcome to my home page. This is my first homepage. I now have a second one as well. If you want to go to my second homepage, click on the banner. .
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My name is Mission Man. My first album is "Intro To My Mind." I'm a rapper out of Oxford, OH, and have started my own record company, called Wakefire Records. I have included some sound clips on the songtitles page. They are RealAudio sound clips. To order "Intro to My Mind" by Mission Man, please print out the order form.

If you want to read about the most current happenings in Wakefire Records history, go here. The current happenings, or "This Week" page will be updated every Wednesday afternoon or night.

Click here to hear a sample of Mission Man's music.

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I began work on this homepage August 28, 1996, and I'm a student at Miami University in Oxford OH. Email me at milholgj@miavx1.muohio.edu if you want to get to know more about me or Wakefire Records.

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