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NAME: Colin Morris
ALIAS: Relapse
JOB: Software Engineer
EMPLOYER: Griffith University
STARSIGN: Aries/Taurus
SPELLING: Attrot..attrocsh...terrible

Well, I guess u kinda get the Idea :)
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Me: I know some unfortunates out there might want to know more about me, so almost all will be revealed!
Hobbies: Totally unprofessional, but that's one of my many hobbies. These include Role Playing, IRCing, and Humour. Actually, given my time restraints, that's _all_ that's there at the moment. Damnit. If I even finish writing any of my stories, I'll whack 'em in there too. Just don't hold your breath. Hold someone else's by all means.
Cupboard's Games Room: One of the many places of joy in the real cupboard, see what survives the transformation into HTML. (Sorry Nonna, the Sailor Moon Game can't work without the RML VR Suit)
Friends!: Yes, contrary to popular belief, some people chose to ally themselves on the side of the Farce. Will humanity never learn.
Useful Pages: Yeah, right. If u believe that, would u like to buy the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Limited offer, only one previous owner...
Many other things probably best left un-documented

If you find yourself overcome with the urge to write to me, click on the cunningly disguised Mail to Colin link, and you shall be whisked to your browsers mailing dooby-whatsit. Or, if it fails [means your browser hasn't got a mailer configured] just grab my addy from the bottom of this page and send to your hearts content. Actually, probably better to just send it to me. Takes less time that way, and isn't as messy.

Oh, and one final thing, a note to all Artists out there. I've been looking for a suitable Cupboard Piccy out on the net. It refuses to let its own photo be digitized, so I need an Artists Conception. If anyone can draw, or find a good looking piccy of a:

  • Mahogany
  • Victorian-esque or antique
  • Cupboard (or, if not possible, a wardrobe in disguise)
  • With those squiggly bits along the top
  • And an Infinity symbol embossed in the squiggly bits
You'll be the winner of the First International Thanx of Relapse Award, which entitles you to free entry to #shapeshifters!
Cupboard, shuttup. Don't tell them its free anyway, or no-one will... ah, nice try tall, dark and wooden
And because Cupboard was so naughty, I've decided to put a prototype on display. Please, if ANYONE can fix the bits, I'd be very grateful. (Also, I can't remember the page I nicked this off, so if anyone can tell me :)).
Regards to One and All

Colin Morris

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Ah what the hell, eh? Everyone else is using one.

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