The Shrine Of Departed Rock Legends

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Below are links to other pages that offer information on some of the "Rock Legends". Links are listed in order of "Shrine"  priority. Just click on one of the pictures and you will be linked to a page with detailed info on that legend's greatness.

Bon Scott Pic
(Former Singer For AC/DC)

Cliff Burton Pic
(Former Bassist For Metallica)

Randy Rhoads Pic
(Former Guitarist For Ozzy & Quiet Riot )

John Bonham Pic
(Led Zepplin's Master Percussionist)

Jimi Hendrix Pic
(A Musician Ahead Of His Time)

Ronnie Van Zant Pic
(Former Singer For Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Janis Joplin PIc
(A Blues Legend)

Jim Morisson Pic
(Former Singer For The Doors)

Stevie Ray Vaughn Pic
(A Blues Pioneer)

Buddy Holly Pic
(A Rock Founder)

John Lennon Pic
(A Musical Revolutionary)

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Here's Our Response To The Massive Request For Kurt Cobain!

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The Shrine's Legendary Links

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