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So, just who the hell am I???

Well, I'm a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force, stationed at Hickam AFB, HI.....

Previous assignments include:

Clark AB, Philippines - 1989-1991
Best assignment I've had BY FAR... Even had the excitement of a volcanic eruption when I left, which subsequently ushered in the closing of Clark Air Base and Subic Bay Naval Station.
Never been in a volcano before? Well, check out some pics and comments I have from the whole experience!

Nellis AFB, Nevada - 1991-1994

Osan AB, S. Korea - 1994-1995

Hickam AFB, Hawaii 1995 - ????

What do I look like? Well here's me in Green Bay at Christmas in 1973:

And this is me now (with my two brothers and sister...I'm in the middle):

Here's some other pics:
Partyin' at the Music Box
Partyin' at the gateway to Death Valley
It's not Bozo, but damn he was funny!
Hard(ly) at work!

EMAIL: markbell@surfree.com

Hobbies and Interests - Hmm..Well, I play a lot of sports, but I'd have to say volleyball is my favorite. I also enjoy fishing out here in Hawaii. And I do like to put down a few beers every once in a while! ;)

Education - I graduated high school in 1988 from A.T. Mahan High School, Keflavik NAS, Iceland in 1988...If you are also a former A.T. Mahan student, please register yourself at the A.T. Mahan Alumni Page

Currently enrolled at Hawaii Pacific University, receiving my Associates in Math in August 1997, and will graduate with my Bachelors in Computer Science in May 1998. From there, I'll probably get out of the service and start my real life...

Recently named to

Also a member of:
Alpha Chi National Honor Society
Epsilon Delta Pi Honor Society

I am a HUGE Wisconsin Sports Fan. You should be too....Try visiting some sites of my favorite teams...

Wisconsin Badgers Sports

SUPER BOWL XXXI CHAMPION Green Bay Packers Football

Milwaukee Bucks Basketball

Milwaukee Brewer Baseball


Last updated: 22 Dec 97

1997 markbell@surfree.com

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