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Hi I'm monsdale.
I'm the head of The Monsdale Trust - the worlds first and only internet investment company - a dream factory like Disney land but more evil.

My interests are:
music, reading, drawing. World domination and the destruction of all who oppose the way of the Trust.

Hello there! I'm your host, Monsdale. Please leave this site immediately, your face is making me sick. Not really! I find do you say?...beautiful? yes, you are very beautiful - perhaps I could feel love again, in your arms - as you hold me, I spin into you - forever merged with your spirit and our love. Second thoughts, what was I thinking? you're a pig.

Bored are you?

Things to do on my site, at the moment:

Learn all about my Trust - click here or perhaps here.

Stupid bullshit posts (coming soon)
Come with me on a journey into the soul as I reflect back on the various stupid posts I've written, inlcuding such subjects as egg hating and ghost bongs.

Email me at in the meantime. Unless, of course, you're some kind of deranged freak. If you are a deranged freak then please leave my site now - I'm scared of you. You deranged freak.

Please come back soon and visit me. I'm cracking up here. You can't just eat the orange and throw away the peel.

Hello! I am Monsdale's happy footer. Please read me again in the future. Please say you will - it would have the meaning of the stars to me. To be honest, I'm getting depressed with all this footing lark. I think I'll go on holiday with Will Smith, that charming Prince of Jerktown. I've set up my own page, to see it click this word - raw, rotting sausage mince , Hmmm - I could go for some of that right now!

Hi! I'm Monsdale's counter of mystery and disease*. The above figure represents the visitors to this site that have a disease and/or a mysterious past. See you in hell - ha ha ha ha!

*Please note that my counter has recently gone insane and cannot count any more.


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