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The Taste of Guitar Playing

These pages are a humble tribute to the most elegant guitarist and composer of the Rock 'n Roll world.
There are great guitarists and great composers, but these two qualities never were better blended than in this exceptional artist.

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The Man Who Played Too Much

"It's surprising the things I've done to play in a band. I've hitchhiked throughout the country with a guitar in my hands, going from here to there to be heard. I remember a Christmas night on the road, in the middle of nowhere, covered with the snow. You must love music to do these things. Some people say that I'm a lazy man, but in those days John and I worked hard. "

...and the Sultans played Creole

"I wrote Sultans of Swing with an acoustic guitar, remembering a night when I was listening to a jazz band in a club in south London. They played "Creole Love Call," and it was marvelous. When we began playing Sultans live, we did it with an electric guitar, and it sounded very different."

Money for Nothing... and chicks for free

"I can't understand why supposedly intelligent journalists distort the words of my songs. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to write songs adopting another character's point of view. People usually identify the singer with the things he's saying. The character in Money for Nothing is an absolutely ignorant man, a guy with a narrow outlook."

From B.B. to J.J.

"I listened B. B. King's Live at the Regal when I was sixteen, and this was a discovery. I felt that a triangle was established in this recording between the guitar, the voice, and the audience. I'm not a conventional singer; I try to play guitar as if it is my best voice, as B. B. King does. Most of my favourite artists aren't technically perfect singers: Tom Waits, Ry Cooder, J. J. Cale... However, others have a great voice, like Eric Clapton, although they are not usually recognized as good singers. When I'm at home listening to music, I come back again and again to the same artists. I think Van Morrison's Inarticulate Speech of the Heart is fabulous."

These quotes are from an interview made by Ken Tucker & David Fricke (Time magazine), taken from a source in Spanish, and roughly translated into English again. So, the text is not as good as I would like. If you have the original text of this interview, please let me know. Thanks.


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