Kimagure Orange Road
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At a glance, Kimagure Orange Road (KOR) is your basic high-school romantic comedy. The romance and drama center around a love triangle. The main character, Kasuga has a few telekinetic powers which are often used for comedic effect. He is also quite indecisive. The other main characters are Madoka and Hikaru. Most of the time, Madoka acts like a tough girl who can do anything and Hikaru demonstrates extreme cheerfulness. The stories generally follow Kasuga in his relationship with Madoka and Hikaru.

Kasuga's telekinetic powers are often important for individual stories, but only occasionally factor directly into the larger plot. The overall plot doesn't travel too far from the standard love triangle recipe but it does have a few surprises. The stories are extremely well balanced, with a very nice blend of comedy, romance, and nostalgia. The series is bound together well; watching the TV series from the beginning is quite different from watching only the OVAs. I would suggest watching the TV series first, then OVAs, and the must-see movie. The movie is an eye-soaker and is one of the best movie off an animated TV series ever made. There is also a new must-see KOR movie released about two years ago which is a continuation of the original movie a few years later in the storyline.

AnimEigo has released all 48 TV episodes on LD and VHS box sets from a successful fan petition about a year ago. Tese TV episodes are now being released individually on VHS. The 8 OVAs and the final movie have been available from AnimEigo for sometime now. Although domestic LDs for the series have been discontinued and are very hard to find, there is hope that Animeigo will rerelease the entire TV and OVA series (including the movie) on DVD. Keep your fingers crossed!

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