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Maison Ikkoku is a romantic comedy series created by Rumiko Takahashi. It is a touching love story revolving around the lives of the hapless student Yusaku Godai, the beautiful manager of his apartment Kyoko Otonashi, and the crazy tenants of Ikkoku-kan.

Maison Ikkoku was voted as the most favorite anime series in the 1995 rec.arts.anime poll and is my favorite anime series of all time. The outstanding series consists of 96 TV episodes, a final movie, an OAV, a prelude, a prologue, and a live-action movie! On March 26, 1996, the Maison Ikkoku celebrated its 10th year anniversary and there will be many more to come as Viz Video has picked up the series and is now releasing the series commericially.

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Magic Knight Rayearth is a magical fantasy anime series created by CLAMP. It is the story about the adventure of three 14-year-old girls (Hikaru, Umi, and Fu) who are summoned by Princess Emeraude to the magical world of Cefiro to become Legendary Magic Knights and to save it from evil forces who wish to destroy it.
Magic Knight Rayearth is one of the most beautifully-drawn anime series I've ever seen. The series consists of 49 TV episodes and 3 parallel universe OVAs and is a treat to all anime and RPG fans. The TV series is now being released by Media Blasters and the OVAs will be released very soon by Manga Anime. I highly recommend this series to all anime fans.

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Kimagure Orange Road (KOR) is a high-school romantic comedy created by Izumi Matsumoto. The romance and drama center around a love triangle involving the main characters and narrator, Kasuga who possesses telekinetic powers and his love interests Madoka Ayukawa and Hikaru Hiyama. Most of the time, Madoka acts like a tough girl who can do anything and Hikaru demonstrates extreme cheerfulness.
Kimagure Orange Road is one of my favorite anime series due to its fantastic, and creative story-telling revolving around the love triangle present throughout the entire series. The anime series consist of 48 TV episodes, a Jump OVA special, a holiday special, eight OAVs, and 2 powerful final movies. Most of the series is avaliable from Animeigo and the 2nd movie is avaliable from A.D. Vision. I strongly recommend this series to all romantic comedy fans.

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Video Girl Ai is a romantic comedy series created by Masakazu Katsura. It is a heart-warming story about Youta Moteuchi, aided by a 'video girl' named Ai who helps him to try to express his love to his friend Moemi. The story gets more complicated as Ai forbiddenly begins to falls in love with Youta.
Video Girl Ai is my 2nd favorite anime series (right after Maison Ikkoku). What fascinates me is its realistic approach to tell a fantastic story. The series strikes me more than just the idea of a girl who comes out of the TV to help a loner to get the girl of his dreams. The series also deals with a lot character development and internal soul-searching by each of the main characters. As the series progresses, the characters grow and begin to view each other differently. The anime series consisting of only 6 short OAV episodes are avaliable from Viz Video and cover only a small part of the manga. I highly recommend this series along with its 15-volumes manga for all romantic comedy fans.