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  • Last Updated: 12/30/96
    Video Girl Ai
    Video Girl Ai Amano

    "You really need me from the bottom of your heart, don't you?...
    Okay! From now on, I'll always be at your side."

    --Ai Amano, chapter 1 of the Video Girl Ai manga

    Video Girl Ai is a romantic comedy series created by Masakazu Katsura. It is a heart-warming story about Youta Moteuchi, aided by a Video Girl named Ai who came out of his television set, trying to express his love to his close friend Moemi who happened to love Youta's best friend Takashi.

    Video Girls are created so they can't fall in love with their customers. However, when Youta played the video tape on his broken VCR, Ai began to develop feelings for Youta. As this is clearly prohibited, Youta and Ai would have to either abandon their feelings for each other or face the ultimate consequences.

    The anime series consists of only 6 outstanding OAV episodes which cover only a small part of the long manga. The manga consists of 13 books, divided into 116 chapters. The first one was published on 1990, and the last one in 1993. The American version was published by Jump Comics.

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