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Welcome to Ray Farley's Home Page of Mayhem

Welcome one and all to my home page here on the Web. Bear with me this page is undergoing renovations :)
Keep checking back because I will soon be linking to some fellow net friends home pages & anything remotely related to fishing, basketball, & HEAVY METAL
Under Destruction Under Destruction

This Page is Always Under DESTRUCTION!!!


Here is a little personal info.

Name: Ray Farley
Telnet Alias's: Razor24, SuicideSolution


Just a few of my favorite links

My used to be regular chat havens ( For those of you with Telnet ). I haven't chatted in a couple of years.

  • TimeLess Chat Room
  • Melrose Place Chat Room


    Here are a couple of pages for locating hard to find music.

  • CDNowThey have some hard to find albumn titles
  • HardRadioNow you can thrash while you download!!!


    Here are some of my friends home pages...check them out!!!

  • Pooh Bear's home pageDrop in on my wife and check out her "Titanic" and "Gone with the Wind" page.
  • Bill Sowers home pageThis is a great page for the motocycle enthusiast!


    My work. I'm a Customer Service Manager at an AAMCO Transmissions franchise in Princeton, WV.

    Follow this link for the best service in the industry.


    For Ultraseek, type a specific question, phrase or Name.



    Hey, how 'bout sending me some e-mail?! or


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    Click for Princeton, West Virginia ForecastThe weather in my hometown is...

    If you have the time, check Sellout, Pics, Fishing, Fishing Pics, Music, Sports out these other pages of mine.

    Complete Site Update 6/18/2000