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Santras Complete First Year at the University of Virginia; Raman Delivers Pizzas for Papa John's, Pinaki makes Whoppers at Burger King

Welcome to the #1 Santra page on the 'Net. This page is maintained by two 18-year old twins Raman & Pinaki Santra who live in the town of 8,000, Elkins, West Virginia. Officially they reside in Harrisonburg, Virginia, a two hour drive. Their parents are from India. They spent most of the last year avoiding each other at the University of Virginia (#1 public university in America). Although best friends at home, the Santras live as far as apart as possible, have completely separate sets of friends, and act like they don't know each other in encounters. They partake in an active social life (read: drinking), yet manage to make Dean's List. Die-hard sports fans, the Santras attended several of the nationally ranked UVa's basketball team's home games (Raman made all 11 that were played while students were around, even dropping a math class so he wouldn't miss their amazing upset over Duke). During this summer, their parents have forced them to work, really just for the hell of it, for the first time in their sad little lives. Pinaki recently made a trip to the windy city of Chicago, while Raman will take one to see his friend in Texas. Oh well, nobody cares anyways.

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