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It's 2008!! I can't believe I still have this old website. It cracks me up and it's full of nostalgia. My kids need to see this someday. ha! I've had this page since 1996.

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Reunion Trip I: Chicago, IL November 1995

Da Family at the Sears Tower
Da Family in Hard Rock Cafe, Chicago
Chicago DINNER pic (71K)
Another Chicago Hard Rock pic (107K)
Chicago trip

Friends on a Chicago street (from back left: Nobody, Soc, SWAK. from front left: Krista, June, Vixen, me)

New Chicago pic..different group

Reunion Trip II: St Louis, MO April 1996

New St Louis album cover
Da Family in bed
Logging into the Net from St Louis

Da Family at St Louis

Getting ready for our trip to the Arch in the morning: From left to right: Chandler, SWAK, Yossarian, Catiche, Rolfo, and me

Reunion Trip III: New York City, NY March 1997

NYC trip
(from left to right: Elspeth, Brie, Hot Dog, me)

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