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This site contains material of a seriously crap nature. If you are easily offended by really rubbish jokes, bad humour, not very good music, talentless people spouting off about how great they are etc. etc. etc., then that's O.K because this site is packed to the brim with amazingly interesting information about the band "Origin", with big chunks of funny stuff, large slices of cutting edge politics, and some good music too (coming soon). If all this seems too much for you, then there are alternatives for people of a more "bland" persuasion, such as Phil Collins, The really talented Spice Girls, Michael Bolton, and who could remember the amazing Hootie and the Blowfish (wouldn't you just love to see a double bill of "Hootie" and the Lighthouse Family? You'll never need sleeping pills again. Just a little psycho-therapy ( why not try "Cure bad taste in 1 easy step" available from all good Origin stockists and bad bondage parlours)
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