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OOOH what a shite logo. Well thank you very much
Here are some more time wasting pieces of crap for you to waste your life on, only realising when you're old and infirm, what a pathetic life you must have led, to even think about being here...... Have a nice day!"
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More good news abound!!! We have had two new reviews over the weekend. The first is a great one about our new E.P Matt's House, which can be found at the Someone elses problem review site. The second one is a good one of Laura's Song which can be found at This BRAND NEW MP3 review site
In other news, the new look website should finally be happening sometime this week - so stay tuned. Lastly, don't forget you can buy MATTS HOUSE around the world right now for only $4.99 by clicking on the link (as long as you have a credit card!!!)that's all for now - stay tuned!!
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We have posted two new songs on MP3.com over the past couple of days. Lies and Laura's song are up. By next week we should have all songs uploaded and ready to sell our CD to the world, so get your credit cards ready, and but our E.P Matt's House (only $4.99 +p&P, whatever that equates to in real money=£). The new design for the website is looking stunning and should be up within the next couple of weeks (hopefully).
In other news, it looks like the Charity gig is going to be put on at the Oasis leisure centre, with some "big" name line-ups, so stay tuned.
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Well, the two gigs we did at the weekend went extremely well. friday we played at the Footplate and Firkin, which was packed out so much, they were turning people away (sorry to all the people who came to see us and couldn't get in). We also sold out of our third run of CD's, so all those people we promised CD's to will have to wait a little longer - SORRY!!!.
Sunday we played a good set at The Goddard Arms in Clyffe Pyppard. We were supposed to play at 3.40pm, but we got moved to 8.05pm, so sorry to the people who came to see us then (lots of apologies today!!).
In other news, this site will hopefully be going through a much needed redesign before the new year, if the MEKON can be bothered to get off his lazy arse and get on with it(only kidding)
That's it for today, chack back later for more news(maybe)
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Our song Not The Way has been named as one of the songs of the year on the Someone Else's Problem Review page!!!!. This is a pretty cool thing to happen, yes??
In other news, we play at the Footplate and Firkin in Swindon on Friday, to launch our new E.P Pat Butcher's Beefcake (now renamed Matt's House for no reason at all).More news later
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Well, the gig at the weekend went well. So well in fact that the landlord asked us to come back on the Saturday and do another set!!!(Which was nice). We have also sold out of our second run of CD's, but there are more to come.
As well as that, someone has reviewed our song "Not the way" from the MP3.com website - to read it go here:Someone else's problem, suprisingly it is a good review, so check it out.
Stay tuned - more news to come - when we can be bothered!!!

....Guess what - I can be bothered!!!. We have just had Not the Way reviewed on another site here - DMZ's MP3 Reviews, so check it out - another good review - what's going on?
More news soon!!
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Sorry about the lack of updates, but I have been a little ill of late. The above link should take you to our site on MP3.com, where I have just uploaded another song - "Holler". Thanks to everyone who downloaded the song (there were over 1000 individuals), it got us up to no.4 in the Alternative charts with "Not the Way". Please feel free to do the same and get holler to no.1. not much else on the news front today i'm afraid - we are currently finalising some gigs in Swidon, Bristol, London, and Reading for the new year, as well as selling tons of CD's (available NOW - while stocks last - E-mail us for details). Anyway, more news soon (as well as a very cool new re-design courtesy of the Mahogony cheese god himself - the Mekon)so stay tuned!!!
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Here is the MP3 page with one MP3 file. It is located on the MP3.com website, and every download goes towards our placing on the MP3.com charts, so download many times to make us TOP OF THE POPS!!
In other news, the charidee gig has been put back until January, so that all the special stuff can be done in time (news to follow)
Stay tuned, there will be another update sometime today, where we hope to has some special news!!!

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