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OGRE formed, true to the prophecies, during the era of the Doomed Apostles. Gurus to the Pathetic Souls of Haitus, their twisted beliefs have won them the praise of both the Enlightened and the Demented ones. Regurgitated from the aching belly of Haitus, their songs are Divine stories of the Past with Apocalyptic messages for the Future.

Forthron The Evil 
Chewed Giblet 
John De Baptiste and his Prophecies

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Samples from the CD classic Dark Filth

(All these samples are in .AU format.) 

  Leg cutter, leg cutter. He cuts legs. Leg cutter, is a nutter. Listen to the Leg Cutter in action with one of his many victims. (254k.)  
  And so it was told by the Most Wisest of Midgets, that the Minge Mites would rid this earth of the Bishop's Armies. Release the Minge Mites! (295k.)  
  Bold boys who don't say their prayers will be punished. The holy man Chewed Giblet gives the Mute Boy a punishment drowning and sets an example for his peers. (246k.)  

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