GILL - The families of the children of Isaac Gill (bap. 11th July 1802, Crosthwaite, son of Joseph Gill and Mary Hodgson nee Dawson) and his two wifes Mary Herd (m1823, d1839) and Jane Tyson (m1843, d1886).

GILL - The descendents of Joseph Gill (M. Mary Dawson, 1798).
   Thomas Gill, bap. 1799, C'waite
   Isaac Gill (Listed Above)
   William Gill, bap. 1804, C'waite
   Dawson Gill, bap. 1807, C'waite

GILMORE - Irish immigrants to Cumberland residing in Harrington

LECK/LEEK - Greystoke and Patterdale, some Matterdale...
Lineages and basic tree of the line I'm researching can be found in Word Format, Here (MSN Group).

PEACOCK - Glasgow and Edinburgh, my maternal Grandmother's ancestory...


ARLECDON - Resources for Arlecdon, Cumberland, including the 1851 census transcription...

Partial 1851 Census - 1851 Census Transcription...
Covers the following: Arlecdon, Cleator, Distington, Egremont, Ennerdale, Frizington, Harrington, Kelton, Kinniside, Lamplugh, Moresby, Parton, Whillimoor, Winder

This file is a Excel spreadsheet. You can "right-click" on the link and "save target as..." to store the file on your computer. While I have scanned it for viruses, you should never download/save something unless you have up-to-date anti-virus software installed.

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S   P   E   C   I   F   I   C   S

Click! For larger scan
Map of Modern Cumberland: Click on image for large 364K Map.
From: Mee, Arthur (Ed.), The King's England: "The Lake Countities - A New Domesday Book Of 10,000 Towns And Villages", Hodder & Stoughton (1937).
PICTURES From Dec. 2000 Research Trip

R   E   S   O   U   R   C   E   S

I've gotten all the information I need out of these parish register pages, however, they list plenty of unconnected individuals. If you have an ancestor who had an "event" (B/M/B) in one of these places at the dates covered, then you may get lucky and spot a match. Some of them are rather difficult to read, but I guess it'll help if you know the name of a person you're looking up.

Skelton Parish Register Page, 1674 (247Kb)
Because of some inaccuracies in the online transcription and listings of the Skelton Parish Register, I've put this big scan up of one of the pages I have. It contains unrelated baptisms and burials for March 1674 to April 1675. I was planning on transcribing it, but had too many problems with the handwriting!

Skelton Parish Register Page, 1677 (433Kb)
It contains unrelated baptisms, marriages, and burials for March 1677 to January 1678. I was planning on transcribing it, but had too many problems with the handwriting!

Skelton Parish Register Page, 1724 (238Kb)
Poor quality, but it does include baptisms, marriages, and burials Apr 1724 to Feb 1725.

St. James, Whitehaven, Marriages Register Page, 1767 (420Kb)
Just marriages, for the full year of 1767, in the parish of St. James, Whitehaven, Cumberland.

St. James, Whitehaven, Baptisms Register Page, 1770
Baptisms Jan-Sep (1770) | Baptisms Sep-Dec + Marriages Jan-Aug (1770)
Split into two, due to size. Scans are 363kb & 278Kb respectively.

St. James, Whitehaven, Register Page, 1773 (699Kb)
Sorry, a big scan, but one that covers baptisms and marriages for 1773. Burials for Jan - March 5.

St. James, Whitehaven, Baptisms/Burials/Marriages Register Page, 1801
Baptisms Oct-Dec (1801) | Burials Jul-Dec + Marriages Jan-Mar (1801)
Split into two, due to size. Scans are 228Kb each. Some late baptism entries for private ceremonies in 1799.

St. James, Whitehaven, Marriages Register Page, 1802 (269Kb)
Parts are very hard to read on this scan. Baptisms for 1802, plus some birth dates.

Leith (South), Edinburgh, Marriages Register Page, 1830 (217Kb)
Not too many entries, just McKenzie, Brown, Campbell, Peacock (my connection), Deans, and Nimmo. All appear to be late Novemember 1830. Nice detailled entries nonetheless.

Newlands Chaplaincy (Newlands-by-Keswick) nr. Crosthwaite, 1845 (194Kb)
Baptisims Jan - Sept 1845. Entry #273 was 35 years old at baptism.

Newlands Chaplaincy (Newlands-by-Keswick) nr. Crosthwaite, 1856 (133Kb)
Baptisims Feb - Nov 1856.

Because some of these scans are large, you may want to right-click on the link to save the image.

185/81 Census Lookups... In case you've got related lines to mine, and need a look up, please just "shout"...

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