Pamela Courson-Morrison

Pamela Susan Courson was born December 22, 1946 in Weed California. She met Jim Morrison when she was 19 while an art student at Los Angeles City College. She would become Jim's girlfriend for the next 5 years until his death in 1971. Allthough they were deeply in love, they also fought and abuused each other. She was the one and only woman who could and would stand up to Jim, for she could dish it out to him as well as he could to her. They both had flings on the side with other people but still they came back to each other in the end. Allthough they never married, Pamela took the name Morrison later on in their relationship.

On July 2, 1971 Jim and Pamela went to see a movie. After the movie, they returned to their apartment in Paris. Jim went to bed and awoke sometime later coughing and complaining of chest pains. He then decided to take a bath. At approximatley 5:00 a.m. on July 3, 1971, Pamela found Jim dead in their bathroom.

Pamela died April 25, 1974 in her Hollywood apartment of a heroin overdose. Despite the fact that her parents were going to have her buried with Jim at Pere-Lachaise cemetary (Paris, France), and the fact that her father listed it as the place of burial on her death certifricate, there was too much red tape involved in transporting a body to a foreign country for burial. Her parents had her cremated remains buried at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, California.

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