Hey everyone, this is my page about my favorite band, Everclear. Whenever I get new info about the band, which isn't often I put it up. So if you're really into Everclear, check back periodically to see what's new. If you have some info that I don't, I'd appriciate it if you let me know! Anyway, below are links to different thinkgs on the page.

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Also, check out my Art Alexakis page.


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I last updated this page on Dec. 6, 99.

If there's wrong info, or some info that you know and would like to share with everyone, you can get ahold of me be e mailing me. Or, if you have AOL instant messanger, my SN is evrklear86. Also, if you have a music or Everclear related web page, I'll link yours to mine if you do the same for me. Thanx a lot, tell your friends about my web page!