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To all the lovely ladies and cool gents that frequent such a cool spot, I say Welcome! Please enjoy your stay and help yourself to all the cool URL's.
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Thanks to all of you that continue to visit this homepage. I have finally been able to update it a little bit. I have a rack of information to add to this page, so check back with it very soon. Until then, God speed!

This Week's Events

The SP family's first album is scheduled to be complete and available for purchase by Christmas. Contact me or any of the other members (linked farther down this page) to order your copy. Don't hesitate, there is a limited amount of copies being printed until the national release is distributed next year!

Special shout out to my girl, Dana-Boo, who is part of the alumni of Morgan State, just as I am! Yeah, you still my girl!! Love ya!!

For those of you who don't know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Torrey, but many have come to know me as "Cool Breeze" (in real life) and "Da' Realness" (on the web). I am a graduate of Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. My concentration of study was in the school of Telecommunications (now Communications Studies). My ultimate career goal is to write, produce, and direct major motion pictures (movies).

I live in Silver Spring, Md a city just outside of Northwest Washington, D.C.. I love go-go music! For those who want to know more or if you just want to hear some phat tunes, try these links:

The Go Go Page

Big Butch Productions
(you can mail-order P.A.'s from here)

The Rythm Section

Big Moe's Spot

The P.A. Palace
(you can mail-order live tapes & CD's from here)

"Real Go-go"

The unofficial Go-go Homepage

Kato's Go-go Page

DL City

First Cut
(an article on go-go music)

Mel's Go-go 411 page

Download music here!!

Look what I bumped into!

While "surfin on the web" I ran into a few tight pages that I want to share with you. The list will grow as I find new cool spots, so if you want me to insert a link to your page, then here's the chance!
Anyway, here are some phat pages for you to check out!


Something on your mind?

I started surfing the web to find cool places to "chat" with people. Some of these areas are a little hard to find if you are new to the web, so I have a small list and a link setup to assist you if you are interested in finding a cool chat zone. I don't chat over the web anymore, but when I did, you could always catch me at The Globe.
Sound interesting?, then Let's chat!

Are you looking for something special on the net?

There are a few net searching tools available to you from this point. These tools are easy to use and contain a lot of infromation. Whether it's news, sports, or entertainment, net searchers are here to help you find valuable information. Click here for a selection of the best searchers.

SP on line!! (The last update was on 8/7/98)
Do you agree?

Links to other sites on the Web

Check out Afronet.
Read the latest edition of Vibe magazine.
A big list of colleges to reach student friends.
Do you like graffiti?, I do!!

If you want to contact the cool brother who created this piece, hit me at the e-mail address below. Thank you to all of those contacting me with constructive criticism and support. Continue to keep it real!!, and remember ALL HEADS REALIZE, 'SP' IS ON THE RISE, YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE. Come back soon. Peace!!

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