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Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

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Pink Floyd

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The Doors

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Brief Summary:

The pages herein are Shrines to Rock Gods. I love all of these bands. As stated before, they are Shrines, not information sources. To make it easier for some people to understand, I'll put it this way - would you expect a gravestone to tell you when the next concert is going to be, who wrote a certain song, or other information??? I guess some of you are freaks, and probably would, but the average person wouldn't! I may in the future make a totally new site, that will answer rock trivia, but until then, please don't expect any answers to such.

I am assuming everyone who has gotten this far is using, at least, Netscape 2.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0. This home page has recently been adjusted to look better with Communicator 4.x, and Internet Explorer 5.x. So, if the spacing looks funny, try downloading Communicator 4.x or Internet Explorer 5.x and try it again. On that note, go and explore. Feel free to send comments or suggestions to:




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All materials and medias herein these Shrines, are copyright to the original authors. I take no responsibility for the reproduction of these pages or alterations by anyone else. These pages are in and of themselves, only for entertainment purposes.