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Where is Mary Ann ?!?!?
As the die-hard blues lovers probably have noticed, the band Mary Ann and the Blue Dogs is no longer playing around town. Immediatelly after their equipment got stolen, Mary Ann started to experience the effects of an illness that apparently was dormant until then, but because of the stress of the robbery it all of a sudden made its presence known.

The disease she has is called Myasthenia Gravis (the linked page has lots of good information about it). Tuesday February 18, 1997, she had surgery. That will give her a 60% chance of a drug free remission -- the best chance she has with this disease.

[Mary Ann's CD 'Unleashed']
Until now, the surgery didn't have the results everybody hoped for. It even created new problems with Mary Ann's vocal cords and her diaphragm (midriff). It looks like the medical insurance is very reluctant to pay for the repair of at least her vocal cords, not even speaking about the diaphragm. She has to go through extensive evaluation.
Furthermore, the effects of the Myasthenia Gravis itself are currently causing her troubles breathing and swallowing. It leaves her with no energy and she's exhausted after half an hour of activity a day.

Hospitals are expensive and music was her job, so her CD "Unleashed" will be available through the Oklahoma Blues Society as well.

Sunday, July 13th, 1997, a Benefit for Mary Ann was held at the La Fiesta Club at the Paseo in Oklahoma City. There were several bands and special activities, including a silent auction of artwork from Paseo Artists and more...
Also see the flyer...
+++ In November 1996, most equipment (see list) from Mary Ann & the Blue Dogs got stolen from their van. Please check with Mary Ann if you have any information or want to help out to recover the equipment.

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