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Welcome to Apple Jacks

La Honda, California


Tysen disappeared sometime in November, and has not been seen since. La Honda's dumbest but most lovable bar dog is gone.
So I've left his picture on the site.

As for Limey Kay, in October of '98 (maybe it was still August) he had yet another seizure, fell, and hit his head. No, it did not happen at AJs. It was bad enough this time to put him in the hospital for months. Rumor was the nurses were getting pretty tired of him asking for Coors, in the can of course. Last I heard, he was taken up to his daughter's place in Oregon to live. Limey;'s birthday was December 26th; he is 64.

...Updated 4/14/99....

Music Schedule Announcement

Sorry this site does not get the attention it once did.

Let your boat of life be light
Packed with only what you need --

A homely home and simple pleasures,
One or two friends, worth the name,
Someone to love and someone to love you,
A cat, a dog, and a pipe or two,

Enough to eat and enough to wear,
And a little more than enough to drink...
For thirst is a dangerous thing.

-- Jerome K Jerome
from "Three Men in a Boat"

Nestled in one of the fog-shrouded redwood canyons between San Francisco and San Jose is the rural and occasionally infamous community of La Honda, and the life-story packed haunt we call Apple Jacks.

The wooden building, constructed in 1879, was originally a blacksmith shop where you could get square nails, carriage wheels repaired, and your horse shod. And probably shot at.

In 1998, it's still our local, small town country tavern -- with various and sundry visitors. Throw in some music & dancin' Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoons, and things start to cook...

So keep yer girl in sight lest she wander, your six iron holstered, don't run, and don't hide.

We survived the Great Flood of 1998.

And what a time that was, folks. Someday, I'll have my story about it completed. Like maybe for the 1st anniversary of that night, which will be this Feb. 2nd.

Just in case you did not peek inside while the place was closed for seven damn months of
foundation retrofit in 1997, check out these
inside renovation photos, taken October 12, 1997.

Some of the guys might remember this, the
rank old bathroom we had. In case you never visited it, your nose has been spared a great injustice. But, especially for you, we have a picture of the old digs, complete with grafitti, taken when the building was being remodeled.

The Music Schedule

....was under major demolition....

You could say I lost my enthusiam for keeping the dance schedule up to date when my dance partner ran off. And now that Kevin decided that he does not want to pay bands on Sunday (something like a band not bringing enough folks in to justify it) the dance opportunities have become slim indeed. Hey, Sunday was my FAVORITE day to see a band at AJS. Oh well.


The Great and Mighty Oz will once again be receiving visitors at The Apple Jacks Music Schedule Page. Right now, it's out of date, sure, but soon I'll be back in my dancing boots, you watch...

The bands that play here see Apple Jack's as a special performance venue.
This page is our tribute to their hard work!

Here, you'll find CD and cassette artwork, links to their webpages, and email contacts for many of the bands that frequent Apple Jack's.

RoboBarKeep calculates you as visitor number to lean on this virtual bar
since November, 1996.

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When I'm not doing any of this, maybe you'll find me tinkering with my Porsche 944 Site.

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