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this page has counted you are visitor # This Counter was provided by Digits Counter / if you are worried about anything take this link we are not responsable Back To Geocities / this page is not yet finished but will be asap I am Lee Hervey. I am an artist, a backpacker, a poet, and many other things I live in Columbus Ohio I work in glass, clay, metal, and a few other things. I also own a turtle. I am the president of The Glass Axis The Glass Axis is a non-profit orginzation for the promotion of Glass Art in the Central Ohio area. It was founded in 1987 and has been around since. We offer classes paperweight days demonstrations and we rent studio time in you would like information please Mail To The Glass Axis 280 Cozzins St Columbus Oh 43216 Thanks Information The Glass Axis Home Page The President's Home Page


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