Marissa's Friends.....

Real friends are hard to find, especially on the Internet where fact is often hard to discern from fiction, but over time you learn from one another and do find people that share your same interests and spirit. The following girls are friends whom I've got to know well and trust.

Keri lives in the South
and is sharp-tounged, witty, and knowledgeable about almost every TG issue. She has her own homepage and extensive links to information and resources for the transgendered.

Keri's Homepage

Erica resides Downunder and is one of the sweetest and most endearing girls I know. She's just starting her own homepage and hopes to use it to help other transgendered persons in her country.

Erica's Homepage

Lana is a Midwest girl,
whose homepage is a visual and adventuresome collection of fun graphics, links, and other niceties. If building your own homepage, you need to see her's first!

Lana's Homepage

Robin is from MD.,
and has a poignant story to tell on her new homepage. She's a serious-minded girl, so be nice when you meet her.

Robin's Homepage

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