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There never seems to be enough time to do, or to be, all the things one wants. So, please accept my apology for not being more attentive about the upkeep of this web site. I hope these latest changes will suffice till next time. In the meanwhile please check out how easy it is for everyone to establish a homepage here at Geocities.

I had originally intended to have my guests learn more about me. That's the original reason why I created this web page. But a lot has happened since I came online in June '96, and now I have to be, well, more private. You understand, of course. Most of you have walked in my shoes; you know the problems we face day to day, especially when we're married. I'm no different than most of you. All I want is the occasional chance to be the person you see here, to have that side of my character accepted, and to be cherished once in a while. You already know what I am, so vicariously, you also already know much about who I am. You know my greatest joys and deepest heartaches -- we already know each other well.

I want to help the TG community, but there's nothing I can state here that another girl can't say better in another web site. From the TG links lists below you'll also find better resources, fiction, and humor than what I can personally provide. But I do have special talents that may interest some of you, and if you peruse the following links, maybe you will find this web site informative and helpful .

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