DRAGQUEEN - the name conjures images of Divine with a feather boa blowing kisses to an adoring crowd while lip-syncing "I Will Survive." Or, in the case of DRAGQUEEN, the band, an image of undiluted raw rock & roll, delivered with an intesity and passion not seen in quite a while.

DRAGQUEEN burst onto Kansas City's now legendary alternative rock scene on Valentine's Day, 1997, inflicting a Les Paul-armed massacre that left dead the notion that current rock & roll is a brooding, soulless, shoegazing genre, and is instead an in-your-face punk rock explosion mixing equal parts X, Redd Kross, and any Russ Meyers film.

DRAGQUEEN is Jessica Delich on vocals, Scotti Fletcher on guitar and vocals, Camille Hendron on bass and Dennis Dunbar on drums. While their sound runs the gamut of punk, glitter rock and 70's metal, to try and put them into any one category would not do them justice. The DRAGQUEEN experience has to be heard, seen, smelled and tasted, and the rest is up to the observer.


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