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This page was created for my Accounting class.

The following is what I think should be on every serious business student's homepage. I feel it's essential for everyone to have a well thought out page. This helps to get the student known before graduation and may play a significant role in finding a good job after school is done with.
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    Felicia A. Calvo

    Career Objective:

    To obtain a position which will allow me to use skills already aquired, as well as provide an environment in which I will be be able to continue to learn more about computers, new software, and new computer languages.


  • 1987-1991 Fordson High School, Dearborn, MI
  • 1991-Present Wayne State University, Detroit, MI MIS Major

  • Job Experience:

  • 1992-May 1995

    Wayne State University College of Urban, Labor, and Metropolitan Affairs Labor Studies Center Position: Student Assistant


    Creation and management of all Center data bases, writing manuals for the reference of staff on various software, training staff various applications like: Claris Filemaker Pro, MS Word, Excel, TN 3270 CMS, Answering phones, keeping track of billing, typing University forms, filing, xeroxing, mass mailings, (Profs), and Gopher.

  • May 1995 - Present

    Wayne State University Department of Student AffairOffice of the Vice President Position: Student Sr. Programmer/Network Manager


    Network management; trouble-shooting all problems involving all hardware and software. writing and running HRS/FAS reports using FOCUS, hardware installation for computers, ordering computers, as well as hardware and software for the department. Creation as well as management of databases.

    Past Projects:

    Installation of an APS 4 Gig HyperDat Tape drive for backing up the computers on the network with Retrospect Remote software. Recoding and updating all of the programs in the department which are needed to run salary projections and various budget reports. Full-scale upgrade consisting of new computers and all new software for a network of 20 users.

    Current Project:

    This homepage, and getting an A in Acc 463.

    System Experience: Macintosh systems 7 and system 7.5.3, DOS 6.0, and MS Windows Versions 3.1 and Windows 95.
    Software:Latest Versions of: MS Word, Excel, Filemaker Pro, Access, Paradox, Aldus Pagemaker, Freehand, PowerPoint, Dbase, Hypercard, TN 3270 CMS (Profs), TN 3270 MTS, Eudora, MS Mail (Now Quarterdeck), Netscape, Gopher, Telnet, Netscape, Hotdog.

    Computer Languages: Qbasic, Focus, C++, Visual Basic, Html, Java
    Affiliations: Delta Sigma Pi - Gamma Theta Chapter Wayne State Partners of CBS
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