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The Invasion was a two fold happening. First the songs started to drift over the ocean and then the bands themselves. The first band to tour North America was the Dave Clark Five, followed closely by the Beatles and many others. This influx of music from Britain also created a major re-awakening of American Rock and Roll, as American artists had to fight for a place on the charts and for the publics affection (and Money).

Looking back on my life I have always been very grateful for the fact that I grew up in Great Britain in the 60's. Music then and now plays a very important part in my life and the music of the 60's still is my favourite with British Artists on the top of my list!( even through I left the UK in late 1969).

After moving at the age of 14 to Canada I lost touch with a lot of the artists I had grown up with but by the mid 70's I was again listing to them but I had added a few North American musicians to my group of favourite.

This web site is a natural progression for me, after working in the computer industry(and the entertainment industry) for several years and with the major popularity of the net, I could not think of a better way to try and repay all the artist who have brought pleasure to my life for so many years.

So to all the Artists this is my Thank You!!!!!!! and to anybody who has not yet discovered the wealth of great music from the 60's, I hope that this site can help to introduce that era to you. To my fellow fans of the 60's British Invasion my desire is that you can spend time here enjoying the memories that these artist can and will invoke!!! Enjoy

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