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Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the world! I'm Tandia online... Jeanne to the rest of the world! *smile*I live in Northern California with Jake.We met a WorldsChat June 13th, 1996 and became the best of friends. In September, we realized, we had fallen in love, though that wasn't either of our intents. Since February,1997 we've been living together, off on a new adventure...*smile* Wedding bells in the future, you ask?? *giggle* Stay tuned in for the latest updates! *smile* **UPDATE!** Well, we are finally getting married! *smile* June 16th at 7 pm, we'll become man and wife. I am so excited and nervous! LOL! Only one day away!

First off, I want to appoligize to everyone who takes the time to revisit my page. I'll try to update more often.

Online, I enjoy surfing, emailing, working on my page, fantasy sports, entering contests and sweepstakes, AND getting freebies and coupons. I'll be adding links to these as time goes on.

I'm a proud member of "Techno Morons Online".

I enjoy music, reading, and I claim to be a poet.I also have Multiple Sclerosis,which allows me time to devote to my favorite pastimes! One of my goals for my little corner of the web was to provide a place for people to share their poetry.That's why I started The response has been wonderful! I've done some remodeling, added some new poems and poets. I look forward to adding more as I receive them. *smile* I hope that you will enjoy them...

Also, please check out the links and let them know you appreciate the service they provide.

I want to add a special thank you to my honey, Jake for making me the great header! I love you baby! *wink*

Have fun and keep *smiling* !

NEWS BULLETIN!! I'm proud to announce a new section, articles and poems by people with MS and related diseases. Still have lots to do, but please check . Anyone wishing to contribute, please let me know! *smile*

One of my poems....

"M.S. Is My Master"

I led a busy life,
Always on the go.
Now I sit and wonder,
What will my life now show?

Littles chores are big tasks,
Seem bigger every day.
Sit and rest so often,
I wasn't made that way!

M.S. has left me listless,
No energy have I.
Trying to button my blouse,
Is enough to make me cry.

I have good friends......
And I know they really care,
But when I'm scared and lonely,
They're simply just aren't there!

Now I sit in my darkened house,
And there I'd like to stay.
Not dealing with life outside,
Hiding both night and day.

I put up a front,
And say I'm just fine.
But sometimes I wish,
They'd read between the lines.

This is new to me,
I need time to adjust.
I don't want your pity,
But having you, I must!

Help open my doors,
That aren't really locked.
My feelings aren't dead,
They've only been blocked.

Priorities have changed,
I'm forced to slow down.
It'll take me some time,
But it'll all turn around.

Each day will get brighter,
And I'll let the sun in.
I'll push to new limits,
The strength is within.

M.S. is my Master,
A willing slave I won't be!
But when this is over,
I'm still going to be me!


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