Complete Waste Of Time (CWOT):

But first a word from our sponsors:

"Please don't do it. Do NOT install this program!

I beg you, return this product before it's too late. Do something useful with your life, read a book, put on a nice Mozart record, have another martini... anything rather than waste your preciuos time getting hooked on this garbage" (Eric Idle on CWOT)

But should we trust Eric Idle. No, you will now have the opportunity to read another players review found on Usenet. These are the words of Doktor Zachary Carleton.

Not only can you waste your time with CWOT. Now there is another CD-rom based on the "Holy Grail" movie. Read all about in my Holy Grail Pages.

And now to something completely different - The dirty vicar sketch:

Dirty Vicar

Sorry to interrupt you but heres another important message from our sponcors. Sorry, start again.

The Complete Waste of Time is the amazing CD-rom about The Monty Pythons Flying Circus and it is made by 7th Level Inc. The CD-rom contains lots and lots of Python stuff. You get for instance:

John Cleese

But most of all the CD-rom contains the BIG GAME which lets you solve the Secret to Intergalactic Success. The game is played in the following way:

  1. Spot the looney
  2. Find the Spanish Inqusition
  3. Solv the maze and answer 4 questions
  4. Solv the current lobe of Mrs Zambesi's brain
  5. Repeat for all six lobes
  6. One last game and you've now solved the Secret to Intergalactic succes

That was easy wasn't it? Now, to make things easier for you I've drawn a few maps of the darn thingy. Here they are:

So why don't you have a go at it? Get the CWOT now and I guarentee you a Complete Waste of Time.

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