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You are in the hizzzouse!!

What is #RAP?

#RAP is a channel on Undernet's Internet Relay Chat (IRC). People can come check us out by typin /join #Rap and talk to lotz of different people all over the world and exchange thoughts about rap & hip-hop music. #Rap is a place where people who want to learn more about rap & hip-hop can come and hang out and listen to educated people talk about shit they know about. People can freestyle and try to show their own skillz or just sit back and listen to the music... Usually someone on there, and most of the time wit many headz togetha, can tell u what u want to know; about what artitz are commin out wit their new jamz, who's album to buy, or who's album not to buy... We take rap & hip-hop music VERY seriously...It is a form of art mixed with poetry and beatz that can grab a soul unlike any other music ever.

Who is in #RAP?

Channel Manager : buckshot

Assistant Channel Managers

Syntax, JDAWG, ShdowBoxn, AtomicDoG, Da_Bomb


Ahero, Apathy, Chem, DaVillian, ||DaZ||, D^ve, G-Spot, Hectek, [-JeTDa-], Jwit, K-Flip, Kia, _KiDD_ ^MaktOne^, maria, MoGegE, MzHappy, Odysseus, |-OpTik-|, PassatGLX, PrES-Ice, QuEEnB, Rated, |llusion, Silk, TommyHiL, Treslick, u-god, WendiRae.

V.I.P.'s Very Important Peeps

Quest, Lyrical, Obi-1, ease, LLoungin, Lauryn |ShOrTiE|, VyBe, Jedi-X, mumbles, OzymandiuS, Ramah, Ki||aFace, OsO (BuRRo), |DuB-C|, PIMP, Diaz, Chyna, ProdigyX, Mult-EYE,

If you want on this list, because you feel you are a regular to the channel. Please E-Mail ShdowBoxn with your user name you want to appear and your E-Mail.

Our Members Homepages!!!

Check out Alien Nation Homepage takin care by our very own Jedi-X and Apathy...

K-Flip has got a phat page located at Elementz Uv Kunfuzion...

Buckshot and JDAWG are Ops on Undernets #Blacksex...Home of da real playaz!!!

Check out the phat freestyles page by our peeps _KiDD_ and AtomicDog!!!

One of our peeps named Ozmandius has a tight page at Ozymandius's Page of Hip-Hop!! This page is on point!!

More on the way...send me some commments!!!

Here's the Deal...

Theres a lot of people in this world who hate rap and probably hate us for liking rap. You know what we think? We don't give a fuck. Its our shit, not yours, and if we wanna like it, leave us the hell alone. We thought about making a page where we could contact assholes, racist bastards, etc., but ya know what? It would make those loser assholes too happy. See, those kinda assholes love to be fighting and arguing. And what is the point of fighting and arguing over the net? NOTHING!!! Its a damn waste of time and we don't want to have to stoop to your 3rd grade level to prove ourselves. So..if you here just because you hate rap and you feel like flaming one of the people here, GET OUT!!! And GET A FUCKIN LIFE!!! Get your own hobby, and not just one where you talk trash about someones interests. Talkin a bunch of trash behind a computer shows more cowardness than anything ever, so pleaze...don't go there...

And God said let there be links...

Have more questions about rap? Check out the Rap Dictionary for album information and rap lingo!!! Very Phat page!!!

Arista Records and Bad-Boy Entertainment got it going on for the 97'.

Death Row Records, for all the DPG's and westcoast artists.

Check out Vinyl Records. They have a sample of the week along with the 411.

Check out Loud Records Online for information on some of the top artist in the game. You can get the secret code for the hidden Mobb Deep track from the page, as well as E-mail the artists.

Peep The Krib for upcoming and past hip hop release dates.

"The Real Hip Hop Homepage" is one of the phatest links pages I have seen. You can get to damn near any hip hop page from here.

#Equality4all is one of our allies in the war against racism. Check out their page.

The UWU homepage is a great place to go for Wu Tang fans. It is ran by John Book over at Prodigy. You can also subscribe to his weekly UWU Newsletter.

The Streetsound TapeXchange is the place to buy and sell mix tapes.

BMG's page called Peeps Republic has got artists like Keith Murry and some on the R&B tip.

Elektra's Hip Hop Club has got mad artists and a great page.

Another great place to peep out the newest mixtapes is O Dubs Mix Tapes.

A nice page with great philosophy is Davey D's Hip Hop Page. Also..thank Davey for the Tupac memorial.

The Newsgroups are also a great place to find hip hop info. Check out and alt.rap.

Lastly..Check out Yahoo's Listing of Rap and Hip Hop Pages. Its all in alphabetical order and eazy to find what ya want.

If you think I missed a page..mail me!

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