Chineapple Palace

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The Chineapple Punx are coming - lock up your sprouts
Welcome to Chineapple Palace (as featured in PC Format magazine), official virtual residence of their graces the Chineapple Punx, and permanent guests Ciderfex. Chunky

Welcome one and all the Chineapple Palace, ex-residence of Chunky the Chineapple (intergalactic warrior and fruit based life-form) and his merry disciples The Chineapple Punx. Ex-residence you cry. Well yes after 4 years on Earth healing himself after the devasting battle against the evil pilchard men, coping with the pain of seeing his planet destroyed and coming to terms with being the last Chineapple in the universe, Chunky received a garbled distress signal from a small outpost of pioneer Chineapple's in the beta-quadrant (no I don't know where that is either). Anyway to cut a long story short, Chunky felt his task here was done and he should (as the last surviving warrior) help protect his people as they fled the pilchard threat and sought out the fabled ancient planet of the Chineapple Race .....
.... a bit like Battlestar Gallactica, but without Lorne Green as Commander Adama ..... and no young lady with large honkers either ..

Anyway, after setting off it would appear that he got caught in some sort of worm hole and was catapulted through time to arrive at the Chineapple outpost years before the pioneers are going to arrive .....
.... a bit like Planet of the Apes, but without Charlton Heston as Taylor ..... and no young lady with large honkers either ..

.. but we digress. Anyway, while Chunky's sitting it out in the beta-quadrant with his thumb up his stump his mental waves have not been exerting their usual mind control powers over the residents of Chineapple Village and some have decided they want to move out and start a new life for themselves, so the bands have been a bit disrupted ... but salvation is nigh. A new 'super-awful-group' collobaration is underway between Chineapple residents and their neighbours from Ciderfex town, 6 mates all getting together and having a laugh at the expense of musical talent ......
.... a bit like Friends, but without David Schwimmer as the annoying one ..... and no young lady (surely ladies) with large honkers either ..


So as we await this new racket machine, please feel free to wander round our lovely residence. P.S. Chunky left a load of merchandise lyin garound so if you want to buy any really cheap like (hint, hint !)


The delightful village of Chineapple is situated deep in the Chiltern Hills midway between Punxville and Ciderfex town enjoying the lovely rural tranquility of the Buckinghamshire countryside. Click here to take a tour arround this epitomé of the English rural way of life.

PC Format recommended 6 punx sites for surfing - and guess what - this is one of them (even if they used the old name) so welcome.

Up The (Wycombe) Punx
Punk's not dead, it's just living in Wycombe. Maintained by the excessively vowelled Dooog, the kids are united by local band, The Chineapple Punx, Strongbow cider, rant sagainst the Spice Girls and long morning's watching Teletubbies. Stencils of La La and Po may soon be adorning leather jackets.
PC Format, December 1997

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green bulletChineapple Palace Gallery - Artwork held in Chineapple Palace including portraits of their Graces The Chineapple Punx, Ciderfex and other visitors to Chineapple Palace. Also punky art, gig posters, T-shirt designs and a whole host more!

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