people have made it to the DooRWAY since dec. 10, 97

in case you've been here before, i have changed the way this page is set up. now planet groovy is broken down into different "lands" ( like any planet) click below to go to the land of your choice.

by the way, "groovy central" is the page that used to be the main page of planet groovy

groovy central the heartland of planet groovy, this used to be the main page of planet groovy. this is where i talk about groovy shit. see the song and cd of the week, groovy news, groovy stories and comments. plus just plain groovy shit!

the link to my "wizard of oz is a movie about drug use" page

nine inch nails land

the groovy gallery the land for groovy pics and nothin else!

NEW!!! myths, rumors, truths and lies! a new land for the truths and lies and rumors of todays world

links links links land of the links

plane trade center buy, sell and trade cool things at our trading post

heres a really bad id pic of me

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