Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables Album Cover

In God We Trust, Inc. Album Cover

Plastic Surgery Disasters Album Cover

Frankenchrist Album Cover

Bedtime For Democracy Album Cover

Give Me Convenience OR Give Me Death Album Cover

Too Drunk To Fuck Poster

Dead Kennedys Poster

Dead Kennedys Logo 1

Dead Kennedys Logo 2

Dead Kennedys Logo 3

"Dead Kennedys" in Old English

Alternative Tentacles Logo

Man Having A Seizure*

Group Picture 1

Group Picture 2

Group Picture 3

Dead Kennedys Live Shot 1

Dead Kennedys Live Shot 2

Jello Biafra Election Rally

Ronny Raygun

Jello Biafra Campaign Ad

Jello Afro*

Jello Biafra Picture 1

Jello Biafra Picture 2

Jello Biafra Picture 3

* these comical pictures were drawn by me


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