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You walk into a dark smoke filled room and are trying to see through the haze when you realize that a pale man clad in dark clothes, boots, and a black cloak is standing in front of you. He greets you with a grin, his fangs glistening in the dim candlelight, he introduces him self as Anibus and invites you in to the club.

A noise in the back of the room draws your attention for a moment. You turn back to Anibus to thank him for the warm welcome but he is gone. After glancing around the room you manage to find a directory of the rooms inside BLOODLUST. Upon closer inspection you discover that it reads.....


Bulletin Board

You may Visit...

The Art Gallery
The Photo Album
The Library
Vampyric Information
The Lounge (JAVA chat)
Gebann's Private Chamber

you may want to take...

The Train (list of links...)

or perhaps you would like to leave you mark by....

The Submissions Form or
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This is an article I grabed off emry's page that I found to be very interesting
VAMPYRES: the real thing

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