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Before you enter you must realize this page deals with two specific points. DragonBall Z-the japanimation cartoon, and Rifts- the role playing game by Palladium. Any options on this page are not related to, in any way, to Palladium or Dragonball Z. They are mine and mine alone. I am actually trying, in some small way, to show gratitude toward Palladium and Dragonball Z Team for all the time they have put into there books and games. This is also a place to share my poetry, and anyones elses , with the world. Also, this is a place of free thinkers and open minds. If your mind is closed to outside or new ideas, DO NOT ENTER

Now that thats out of the way, you may enter at your own discrestion. Just remember. This site is always being changed, and to watch for Energy Surges.

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