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Jeff Bergamini's (Binabik's) Pearl Jam list

Updated 7/8/98

	If a show is marked "REMIXED" that means I have re-equalized the
recording using my home equipment. This has worked very well to improve
many recordings.

If a show is ungraded, it means I'm lazy and haven't graded it yet. Bug me
about it and I'll take a quick listen for you.

ANA1  = Taped directly from analog master
CD1   = Taped directly from CD
CDM   = CD master
DAT1  = Taped directly from DAT
FM1   = Taped directly from FM broadcast
MP3.1 = Transferred from MPEG3 digital compression scheme to analog cassette
      =      "      in stereo at 44 KHz when available
RA1   = Taped directly from RealAudio broadcast
TV1   = Taped directly from TV broadcast (in stereo unless noted)

If the generation of a tape is not marked, I don't know it and don't have any
means of finding out what it is.


(MM/DD/YY)          VENUE              		TIME	GRD. REMIXED?

10/22/90 Off Ramp Café: Seattle, WA (SOUNDCHECK)~005m	A	-
10/22/90 Off Ramp Café: Seattle, WA		~045m	A	-
02/07/91 Florentine Gardens: Los Angeles, CA	~045m	B	+
02/08/91 God Save the Queen: Los Angeles, CA	~035m	B	-
02/11/91 Club With No Name: Hollywood, CA	~025m	A-	+
07/12/91 JC Dobbs:  Philadelphia, PA		~045m	B+	+
07/17/91 Wetlands Preserve: New York, NY	~060m	A-	+
09/30/91 I-Beam: San Francisco, CA              ~055m   A-      +
10/06/91 Palladium: Hollywood, CA		~030m 	A+	- CD1
10/22/91 Eagle's Ballroom: Milwaukee, WI	~040m  	A-	+
10/23/91 FM Radio: Lansing, MI			~020m	B	-
11/03/91 Civic Center: Springfield, MA		~040m	B-	+
11/08/91 CBGBs: New York City, NY		~045m	A	-
11/09/91 Tower Records: Rockville, MD		~030m	A	-
11/12/91 Roseland Ballroom: New York City, NY	~035m	A	+ CD1
11/15/91 Roseland Ballroom: New York City, NY	~040m	A	+ CD1
11/21/91 Blind Pig: Ann Arbor, MI		~045m	A-	-
12/31/91 Cow Palace: San Francisco, CA		~030m
01/17/92 Moore Theater: Seattle, WA		~090m
02/03/92 The Esplanade Club: Southend, England	~070m	B	-
02/09/92 Pumpenheust: Copenhagen, Denmark	~075m	A(SB?)	+
02/10/92 Virgin Records: Paris, France		~020m	A	- CDM
02/11/92 Locomotive: Paris, France		~070m
02/12/92 Melkweg: Amsterdam, Holland		~070m	A(SB?)	-
02/18/92 Sorpasso:  Milan, Italy		~070m	A	- CD1
02/22/92 Riverside, Newcastle, England		~055m	A(FM)	- CD1
02/28/92 ULU: London, England			~070m	A	- CD1
03/02/92 Paard, Den Haag, Holland		~060m  	A+(SB)	- CD1
03/04/92 Tivoli Gardens: Utrecht, Holland	~080m	A+(SB)	- CD1
03/06/92 Nighttown: Rotterdam, Holland		~080m	A	-
03/08/92 Live Music Hall: Cologne, Germany	~060m	A	-
03/10/92 Markthalle: Hamburg, Germany		~070m	A	- CD1
03/12/92 Baatchkaap: Frankfurt, Germany		~075m	C	-
03/13/92 Nachtwerk: Munich, Germany		~090m	B-	-
03/16/92 MTV Unplugged (COMPLETE PERFORMANCE!)	~045m	A+(TV)	- MP3.1
03/28/92 Cabaret Metro: Chicago, IL		~080m	A	-
04/04/92 Massey Concert Hall: Toronto, Ontario	~080m	A	+
04/11/92 Saturday Night Live (REHEARSALS)	~020m	A	-
04/11/92 Saturday Night Live			~010m	A	-
04/20/92 Tipitinas: New Orleans, LA		~070m	A	+
04/23/92 Cameo Theater: Miami, FL		~070m	A+	- ANA1
05/05/92 University of Colorado (SOUNDCHECK)
05/07/92 Fairgrounds: Bozeman, MT (SOUNDCHECK)
05/11/92 Rockline, KLOS Studios: LA, CA		~045m	B
05/15/92 Warfield Theater: San Francisco, CA	~075m	A	-
05/17/92 Roseland Theater: Portland, OR		~075m	A	+
06/06/92 Finsbury Park: London, England		~050m	A+(FM)	+ CDM
06/17/92 Dal City Square: Milan, Italy		~035m  	A+(FM)	- CD1
06/18/92 Volkshaus: Zurich, Switzerland		~065m	A+(FM)	- CD1
06/22/92 Elysee Montmartre: Paris, France	~075m	A	-
06/25/92 Melody Club, Skeppsholmen: Stockholm	~110m	A	-
08/07/92 Great Woods Center: Boston (2 songs)	~010m
08/22/92 Bicentennial Park Grounds: Miami, FL	~045m	A	+ CD1
08/29/92 Alpine Valley: East Troy, WI		~050m
09/09/92 Westwood, CA, MTV Video Music Awards	~005m	A+	- CD1
09/25/92 Honolulu, Hawaii (SOUNDCHECK) (inc)
09/13/92 Irvine Meadows: Irvine, CA		~045m	A-	-
09/18/92 MTV Singles Premiere Party: Seattle	~010m	A+(SB)	- CDM
09/20/92 Warren G. Magnuson Park: Seattle, WA	~070m  	A	+
10/16/92 Madison Square Garden: New York, NY	~005m	A+(SB)	- CDM
11/01/92 Bridge Benefit: Mountain View, CA	~035m	A	- CD1
12/31/92 The Academy: New York, NY (inc)	~045m
01/11/93 Ed w/ Doors rehearsals: Los Angeles	~080m	A	-
01/12/93 Ed w/ Doors: Los Angeles, CA		~030m
01/23/93 Palladium: Hollywood, CA		~015m	B	+ CD1
05/13/93 Slim's: San Francisco (SOUNDCHECK)	~045m	A	+ 
05/13/93 Slim's Club: San Francisco, CA		~135m	A	- CD1
07/14/93 Brixton Academy: London, England	~105m	A-	+ CD1
07/16/93 Sportspaleis Ahoy: Rotterdam, Holland	~055m	A+(FM)	- CDM
07/17/93 Sportspaleis Ahoy: Rotterdam, Holland	~115m	B-	-
09/02/93 MTV Video Music Awards			~015m	A+(TV)	- DAT1
09/06/93 Portland Meadows Race Track: Portland	~060m	A	- DAT1?
10/25/93 The Off-Ramp: Seattle, WA		~090?	A	-
10/27/93 The Catalyst: Santa Cruz (SOUNDCHECK)	~045m	A	+
10/27/93 The Catalyst: Santa Cruz, CA		~090m	B-	+
10/28/93 Warfield Theater: S.F. (SOUNDCHECK)	~045m	A	+
10/28/93 Warfield Theater: San Francisco, CA	~075m	B-	+
10/30/93 SJSU: San Jose (SOUNDCHECK)		~055?	A	-
10/31/93 Greek Theater: Berkeley (SOUNDCHECK)	~055?	A	-
10/31/93 Greek Theater: Berkeley, CA		~100m	B	+
11/03/93 Civic Center: San Diego, CA		~100m	A	- CD1
11/05/93 Empire Polo Fields: Indio, CA		~100m  	A+(SB)	- CD1
11/12/93 Moody Coliseum, SMU: Dallas, TX	~100m
11/16/93 UNO Lakefront Arena: New Orleans, LA	~090m	A	- CD1
11/17/93 UNO Lakefront Arena: New Orleans, LA   ~090m	A	- CD1
11/30/93 Aladdin Theater: Las Vegas, NV		~090m	B	-
11/24/93 Century II: Wichita, KS		~090m	A	- CD1
12/01/93 Aladdin Theater: Las Vegas, NV	(inc)	~070m
12/02/93 LEC: Reno, NV (SOUNDCHECK) (inc?)	~010m	A	-
12/02/93 Lawlor Events Center: Reno, NV		~090m	A	- DAT1
12/08/93 Seattle Center Arena: Seattle, WA	~110m	A	- CD1
02/23/94 Carnegie Hall: NYC (Ed solo)		~015m	B-	-
02/24/94 Carnegie Hall: NYC (Ed solo)		~015m	B-	+
03/09/94 Civic Center: Pensacola, FL		~090m	A	- CD1
03/10/94 "See Me, Feel, Me" Ed w/ Frogs		~005m
03/10/94 Chicago Stadium: Chicago, IL		~135m
03/13/94 "I Only Play for Money" Ed w/ Frogs	~005m	A-	-
03/13/94 New Regal Theater: Chicago, IL 	~140m	A-	-
03/15/94 Fox Theater: St. Louis, MO		~100m
03/20/94 Crysler Arena: Ann Arbor, MI		~115m	A	+
03/28/94 Penrod's Beach: Miami, FL (SOUNDCHECK)	~010m	A-	+
03/29/94 Bayfront: St. Petersburg, FL		~115m	A	- CD1
04/02/94 Fox Theater: Atlanta, GA (SOUNDCHECK)	~120m	B-	-
04/02/94 Fox Theater: Atlanta, GA		~120m	A	-
04/03/94 Fox Theater: Atlanta, GA		~135m  	A+(FM)	- CD1
04/06/94 Civic Center: Springfield, MA		~120m	A	-
04/07/94 War Memorial: Rochester, NY		~120m	A	-
04/08/94 Patriot Center: Fairfax, VA		~110m
04/11/94 Boston Garden: Boston, MA		~120m	A	- CD1
04/12/94 Orpheum Theater: Boston, MA		~130m	A-	- DAT2
04/14/94 Saturday Night Live (REHEARSALS)	~015m	A+(TV)	- DAT1
04/16/94 Saturday Night Live: NYC, NY		~015m	A+(TV)	- CDM
04/17/94 Paramount Theater: NYC, NY		~100m	A	- CD1
10/01/94 Bridge Benefit: Mountain View, CA	~035m   A	- CDM
10/02/94 Bridge Benefit: Mountain View, CA	~035m   A	- CDM
01/08/95 Self-Pollution Radio (PJ songs only)	~070m	A+(FM)	- CDM
01/08/95 Self-Pollution Radio (whole thing)	~270m	A	-
01/14/95 Constitution Hall: Washington, D.C.	~080m	B	+
01/15/95 Constitution Hall: Washington, D.C.	~110m	A+	- CD1
02/05/95 Moore Theater: Seattle, WA (Fan Club)	~100m	A	+ CD1
02/06/95 Moore Theater: Seattle, WA (Fan Club)	~100m	A	+ CD1
02/08/95 University of Montana: Missoula, MT    ~100m	A	+
02/20/95 Budokan: Tokyo, Japan			~130m	A	+ CD1
02/21/95 Kosei Nenkin Kaikan: Osaka, Japan	~120m	A	- CD1
02/18/95 Izumity 21 (Sun Plaza): Sendai, Japan	~095m	A	- DAT1
03/08/95 Tennis Centre: Adelaide, Australia	~150m	A	- CD1
03/10/95 Entertainment Centre: Sydney, AU	~110m	A	+ DAT1
03/17/95 Flinders Park: Melbourne, Australia	~125m 	A+(FM)	- CDM
03/22/95 Entertainment Centre: Brisbane		~135m	B	+ DAT1
03/25/95 Mt. Smart Super Top: Auckland, NZ	~140m	B	+
06/16/95 Casper Events Center: Casper, WY	~105m	A	+ CD1
06/20/95 Red Rocks Amphitheater: Morrison, CO	~125m	A	- CD1
06/22/95 Cal Expo: Sacramento (inc)		~020m	A	+ CD1
06/24/95 Golden Gate Park: SF, CA (PJ + NY)	~170m	A	- CD1
07/08/95 Marcus Amphitheater: Milwaukee, WI	~130m	A	+
07/09/95 Marcus Amphitheater: Milwaukee, WI	~120m	A	- CD1
07/11/95 Soldier Field: Chicago, IL		~150m  	A+(FM)	- CD1
09/13/95 Veterans Coliseum: Phoenix, AZ		~135m	A	- CD1
09/16/95 South Park Meadows: Austin, TX		~135m	A	+
09/17/95 New Orleans, LA (SOUNDCHECK)		~015m	A	- CD1
09/17/95 Tad Gormley Stadium: New Orleans, LA 	~130m	A	-
11/01/95 Delta Center: Salt Lake City, UT	~130m  	A+(SB)	- CD1
11/02/95 Delta Center: Salt Lake City, UT 	~135m	A+(FM)	-
11/04/95 Spartan Stadium: San Jose, CA		~140m  	A+(FM)	- CDM
11/06/95 Sports Arena: San Diego, CA		~130m	A+(FM)	+
11/07/95 Sports Arena: San Diego, CA		~140m  	A+(FM)	+ CD1
09/14/96 The Showbox: Seattle, WA		~100m	A	- CD1
09/16/96 Key Arena: Seattle, WA			~125m	A	- CD1
09/20/96 Ed Sullivan Theater: New York, NY	~005m	A+(TV)	- MASTER
09/21/96 Maple Leaf Gardens: Toronto, Ontario	~115m
09/22/96 John F. Savage Hall: Toledo, OH	~115m	B-	-
09/24/96 Merriweather Post Pavilion: Columbia	~140m 	A-	+
09/26/96 Civic Center: Augusta, ME		~115m	A	+
09/29/96 Downing Stadium: New York, NY		~170m	A	+
10/01/96 Marine Midland Arena: Buffalo, NY	~120m   A	- CD1
10/02/96 Meadows Music Theatre: Hartford, CT	~130m	A+(SB)	- CD1
10/07/96 Ft. Lauderdale Stad.: Fort Lauderdale	~120m	B	+
10/19/96 Bridge Benefit: Mountain View, CA	~050m	A+	- DAT1
10/20/96 Bridge Benefit: Mountain View, CA	~050m	A+	- DAT1
10/26/96 The Point Theatre: Dublin, Ireland	~120m	A	-
10/28/96 Wembley Arena: London, England		~115m	A-	+
11/03/96 Deutschlandhalle: Berlin, Germany	~120m  	A(FM)	-
11/04/96 Sporthalle: Hamburg, Germany		~110m	B+	+
11/05/96 Vera: Groningen, Holland (The What)	~045m	A-	+
11/07/96 Le Zenith: Paris, France		~115m	A-	+
11/17/96 Budapest, Hungary			~115m	B-	+
11/17/96 Budapest, Hungary (SOUNDCHECK)			B	-
11/17/96 Sports Hall: Budapest, Hungary		~115m	B-	+
11/21/96 Sports Palace: Barcelona (SOUNDCHECK)	~070m	A	+
11/21/96 Sports Palace: Barcelona, Spain	~125m	A-	-
11/24/96 Cascais Pavilion: Lisbon (The What)	~030m	B	+
11/24/96 Cascais Pavilion: Lisbon, Portugal	~120m	B	+
11/25/96 Cascais Pavilion: Lisbon, Portugal	~140m	A	+
12/04/96 Goa Club: Rome, Italy			~060m	B	+
06/08/97 New York (Tibetan Freedom Concert)	~020m	A	+ RA1
06/08/97 New York (Tibetan Freedom Concert)	~045m	B	+
 (includes 'Long Road' w/ Stipe, 'Ghost Rider', 'The Passenger')
06/14/97 House of Blues: Chicago (Ed & PT only)	~020m	B	- DAT1
11/14/97 Oakland Stadium: Oakland, CA		~060m	A	+ DAT1
11/15/97 Oakland Stadium: Oakland, CA		~060m	A	+ CD1
11/18/97 Oakland Stadium: Oakland, CA		~060m	A	+ DAT1
11/19/97 Oakland Stadium: Oakland, CA		~060m	A	+ DAT1
01/31/98 MonkeyWrench Radio			~270m	A	- FM2
02/20/98 Baldwin Amphitheatre: Maui (SOUNDCHECK)~???m	A	- DAT2
02/21/98 Baldwin Amphitheatre: Maui, HI		~090m	A	- DAT2
03/05/98 Melbourne Park: Melbourne, Australia	~???m	A+(FM)	- FM2
05/01/98 New York, NY (Late Show appearance)	~005m	A+	- TV1
05/07/98 Seattle, WA			~075m	B	-

/// DEMOS \\\

Bad Radio demos					~075m   A(STU)	-
Mookie Blaylock demos				~045m	A+(STU)	-
Mamasan demos					~015m	A(STU)	- CD1
Gossman Project I demos				~030m	A+(STU)	- CD1
Gossman Porject I & II demos (complete)		~050m	A	-
Vs. demos					~055m	B(STU)	-


Alternate Versions				~075?	A	- CD1
Bridges						~???m	A	- CD1
Covering Them 2					~070m	A	-
Eddie Vedder: Bad Radio Demos			~075m	A(STU)	+
Evolution					~080m	B	- CD1
Immortality					~065m	A+	- CDM
More Nonsense					~070m	A	- CD1
New Songs II                            	~070m  	A	- CDM
New Songs III                           	~070m   A     	- CDM
No Fuckin' Messiah!!                    	~070m  	A     	- CDM
No Fuckin' Messiah 2				~075?	A	- CD1
Nonsense                                	~070m   A     	- CD1
Precious Stones					~060m	A	+ CD1
Phantom Pain					~090m	B	-
Rough Mixes					~070m	A	- CD1
Self Pollution Radio				~070m	A+(FM)	- CDM
This Is Not for You				~135m	A	- CD1
Uncovered					~070m	A	- CDM
Unplugged...And A Little Plugged		~075m	A+(TV)	- CD1
World Jam					~110m	A	- CD1


All B-Sides:
 I've Got a Feeling; Wash; Even Flow (Re-Recorded); Dirty Frank;
 Oceans (Version 1); Footsteps, Yellow Ledbetter;
 Why Go / Deep / Alive (PinkPop Festival); Alone; Elderly Woman (acoustic);
 4/3/94 Atlanta (edited); Blood (live 11/5/93);
 Yellow Ledbetter (live 11/6/93); Out of My Mind (improv 4/2/94);
 Rearviewmirror (The Frogs version); Black, Red, Yellow; Dead Man; Leatherman;

Breath, State of Love and Trust	(Singles)
Catholic Boy			(Basketball Diaries)
Gremmie Out of Control		(Music for our Mother Ocean)
Hymn				(Eddie w/ Hovercraft)
Leavin' Here			(Home Alive)
Yellow Ledbetter		(Tibetan Freedom)


05/??/91 KISW, Seattle, WA (Ed & Jeff)
10/23/91 FM Radio: Lansing, MI (acoustic + intv) (20m)
12/07/91 KLOL: Houston, TX (Ed & Stone)
??/??/92 Jeff interview about MLB & TOTD (5m)
??/??/92 Interview with Ed from over phone (CD1 from "Tell Tales")
??/??/92 Talk in Code / The Rockview Interview (CD1)
02/04/92 Interview with Jeff Ament (5m)
2-3-?/xx/92 Various messages on the Ten Club hotline
03/13/92 Interview with Eddie at Lollapalooza (20m)
05/11/92 Rockline, KLOS Studios: Los Angeles, CA (45m)
10/16/92 Madison Square Garden: New York, NY (Bob Dylan Tribute)
09/02/93 MTV Video Music Awards (15m)
11/07/93 Metal Shop Interview w/Ed (10m)
11/27/93 Ed on phone with KBCO, Boulder, CO
12/05/93 KISW Seattle (Dave Abruzzese only)
04/03/94 WMMR Philadelphia (Post-show broadcast) (45m)
02/07/95 Edddie's message on an answering machine (date possibly incorrect)
04/xx/95 Earth Day '95 'Rock the Environment' (K. Novoselic with Eddie)
11/03/96 "Eddie Vedder Radio Show" Radio Fritz, Berlin, Germany
12/xx/97 Adam Yauch interviews Eddie (40m)
LATE 97	 Star Profile - Pearl Jam Audio Documentary (60m)
01/27/98 102.1 "The Edge" Toronto (90m)
01/31/98 MonkeyWrench Radio (270m)


Nine Inch Nails:
  08/13/94 Woodstock '94 - 1 tape (A sound) CD1

  Out of the Womb (In Utero demos) - 1 CD (A- sound)

  07/08/95 Milton Keynes Bowl: London - 1 1/2 tapes (A sound) CD1
  04/10/91 MTV Unplugged - 45 min. (A sound) CD1
  Covering 'Em - B sound

Smashing Pumpkins:
  Drown (two shows - one acoustic, one electric) - 1 tape (A sound) CD1

  12/26/89 Dublin soundboard - 1 tape (A- sound)
  12/03/97 Mexico City (MTV's incomplete digital satellite broadcast)
	- 50 min. MASTER
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