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90 Proof:Here You Go, Jeff...It's Done!

I first heard 90 Proof (it seems like alot of these pages are starting off this way...) when I picked up Oi! It's a World Invasion, Volume 2 (admittidly for the Templars tracks alone) and was pretty impressed with them. But I didn't hear shit about them again until Backstreets of American Oi! came out. Even though ol' Jeffy-poo (the band's singer) thinks the song on that comp, "Hey You!" sounds shitty, I kind of like it. Anyways, I digress (that seems to happen alot around here as well!).

The band formed in July of 1994 when Carlos, Chris, and Cesar (on drums, bass, and guitar, respectively) got together with Jeff one drunken evening. Before long, Jeff was singing some 4-skins song and 90 Proof was born.

For those of you who haven't heard them, 90 Proof sounds like a runaway subway train...it's fast and furious streetpunk. Cesar has played some interesting leads over top of the main rhythm, adding yet another dimension to the sound. This isn't your usual boring Oi!/punk here, folks. It's fast, but it's also melodic, something that I'm glad to see is surfacing in American Oi! music lately.

1996 saw a few lineup changes, with Jeff moving to drums and a guy named Oscar having a go at the mike. They recorded some material and sent it off to Bronco Bullfrog under the name of Six Flat. Look for it in the future. Two of those songs appeared on the 90 Proof record label's first release (90 Proof/Templars split 7"). The band ended when Jeff (who's in the Army) was sent by Uncle Sam to Korea. Jeff has since come back home to the States and has set up shop in Maryland. Check out the 90 Proof website for some more info on the band and the label.


  • No Respect 7" on One by One Records, 1995
  • 90 Proof/Templars split 7" on 90 Proof Records, 1996
  • Compilations

  • Oi! It's a World Invasion on Bronco Bullfrog/Step-1 Records, 1994
  • Backstreets of American Oi! on Sta-Press Records, 1995
  • Super Yobs, Volume 2 on Vulture Rock Records, 1995
  • Oi! We Are the Bois on Bronco Bullfrog/Step-1 Records, 1996

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