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Blanks 77

Total Fucking Pogo Punk!!!

I first heard the Blanks 77 when they were still just the Blanks. My buddy Dan started a distro called Crass Commercialism and the Blanks were the first band that sent him anything. That demo tape was killer and one of the things that drew me away from the straightedge hardcore I was into at the time (yes, that's right, sXe HC!) and towards more pogo punk and later Oi!. But I digress...

The Blanks 77 play (for those of you who don't know) straight out '77 style "total fucking pogo punk", as the saying goes. You can't help but jump up and down once they start going...and if you've ever seen them live, you know they keep going and going like the freaking Energizer bunny. The only time they seem to stop is when Mike has to throw up or get another drink...;) From start to finish, the band is pure punk energy (now I'm starting to sound like a damn journalist...blech).

The band started around 1991 with the infamous Mike Blank on vocals and Chad on drums. They soon got Renee and Brendan to play guitar and bass, respectively, and somehow managed Sue to manage (read: babysit Mike) them. They recorded the classic Destroy Your Generation 7" on Headache Records and a few other slabs o' vinyl before Brendan left and was replaced by Geoff who was replaced by Tim of Broken Heroes fame. The most recently lost the services of Chad, who left the band on amicable terms in order to pursue his own interests. They've played all over the States and even somehow made it through a six week tour of Europe without Mike getting deported! They've really started to get popular lately with all kids of kids popping up at shows. Who knows...MTV next? Now that would definitely be a treat...seeing Mike Blank at the MTV Beach House. YOU GO!


  • Destroy Your Generation 7" on Headache Records
  • Up the System 10"
  • Punx & Skins 7" picture disk (and black vinyl repress)
  • Blanks 77/Submachine split 7"
  • Blanks 77/Quincy Punx split 7"
  • Blanks 77/Fucking Faces split 7"
  • Blanks 77/Forklift split 7"
  • V.M.L.-Live in Chicago 7"
  • On Speed 5" on Headache Records
  • Killer Blanks retrospective LP/CD
  • Tanked and Pogoed LP/CD
  • Shut Up and Pogo live tape
  • Lve on KDVS...It's Blanks 77 tape
  • An Evening of Decadence and Revolution tape
  • Blanks demo tape

  • Compilations
  • Pogo Attack!
  • Oi!/Skampilation
  • Oi! Skampilation Volume 2
  • Songs About Drinking
  • 100 Band Compilation
  • Axehandle
  • Spinnin' The Chamber
  • (There's bound to be more...the Blanks are just as prolific as the Templars! Email me with any more additions.)

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