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Fully Loaded : Skinheads 4 Life

Fully Loaded are another of the great bands from Southern California. This band is really an amalgam of three bands: Stan from Bovver Wonderland , Bill from The Authority , and Mike and Adrian of the Toughskins. They bring out the best of the three bands and belt out some great American Oi! tunes.

Musically, they sound like a mix of the three bands the members also belong to. It's a straight up street punk sound that the best American Oi! bands of today have mastered. Their songs deal with drinking (wow, what a shock), running amok, drinking, watching your friends drift away from the scene, and drinking...stuff we all can relate to one way or the other.

Currently, they only have a 12" single out on Vulture Rock records (V.R. John seems to be Mr. American Oi!). They're also featured on the V.R. Sampler #2 which also has material from the Toughskins, the Systematics, Bad Vultures, and Poebels and Gesocks (formerly the Beck's Pistols). They're recording material for a full length 12", probably out on Vulture Rock records, too. Keep an eye out for these buggers; they're bound for fame and fortune...well, at least as much as an American Oi! band can garner nowadays.

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