Oi! American Oi! : Stormwatch

"Booze, sex, and breaking necks...Stormwatch Skinheads!"

Storwatch are a tremendous Oi! band out of Newark, Deleware who are not in the least bit timid to say what's in their hearts and minds. The band has even been branded fascist and racist for their uncompromising attitude. I don't buy any of it because if there is a band that screams American Oi!, Stormwatch is it! So check out this interview that was originally printed in the December '94 issue of A Way of Life zine out of Hawaii.


  • At War with Peace on DIM Records - 1994
  • Right to Remain Violent on GMM Records - 1997

  • Compilations:
  • U.S. of Oi! Volume 2 on GMM Records
  • Backstreets of American Oi! on Sta-Prest Records
  • Stormwatch
    P.O. Box 737
    Newark, DE 19715

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