Oi! American Oi! : The Sussed

Iron City Bootboys : The Sussed

What can I say about the lads from my hometown? The Sussed formed in 1993 in Pittsburgh, PA when a few friends messed around with some instruments during their free time. Within a few weeks, the band started belting out their own classics such as "Toy Soldiers" and "Spirit of Oi!". The lineup currently consists of Joe on vocals, Dave on guitar, Joey on bass, and Jack on drums. Their sound can best be described as a cross between Major Accident, Blitz, Infa-Riot, and the Cockney Rejects (so says Joe anyways). Sadly, the band broke up sometime last year.


  • No Escape 7" on Sta-Prest Records - 1994
  • Sussed Ou1 CD on Sta-Prest Records - 1996
  • Compilations:
  • Backstreets of American Oi! on Sta-Prest Records
  • Oi! We are the Bois! on Dojo Records

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