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My Trading Rules

No high speed dubbing. No Dolby Noise Reduction. Maxell XLII tapes. (In 2:1 trades, I accept only Maxell XLII.) Do not cut songs. Rewind tapes completely before sending. Use padded envelopes. Send J cards and set lists if possible,No cases _____________________________________________________________________________________

Really Need

- Rheostatics Ballad of Wendel Clark - All show from '97 ARA (Another Roadside Attraction) - Smashing pumpkins surprise show where the Frogs opened - All Edgefest'97 show besides the one that I already have _____________________________________________________________________________________

Also interested in

Our Lady Leace, Tea Party, Moist, Spirit of the west, Beck, Sloan, REM, and Rheostatics _____________________________________________________________________________________


ARTIST DATE SHOW TIME FORMAT GEN GRADE |====================================================================================|

I Mother Earth

03/12/97 Loyalist College Belleville 85mins tp - 1st A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 02/21/97 The Warehouse, Toronto 90mins tp - ?gen 02/18/97 Tower Theater 90mins tp - ?gen ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nine Inch Nails ??/??/?? Children Of The Night(w/Bowie) 90mins tp - ?gen A- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oasis 08/17/94 Sweden 60mins CD - 1gen A 12/13/95 Toronto 70mins CD - 1gen A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ??/??/?? Unknown ??mins VD - 1st B- ??/??/?? Molson Amp. ??mins VD-TV-1st A+ Sorry for the ack of information on these shows. 02/07/95 Fort Erie,Ont Friendship Fest 40mins tp - ?gen A+ 02/11/95 Vancouver,B.C. Starfish Room 40mins tp - ?gen 11/27/95 Le Rendez Vous, Winnipeg, MB, 85mins tp - ?gen B 01/16/97 Loyalist College, Belleville 80mins tp - ?gen A- 03/15/97 Whistler, B.C 40mins VD-TV-1st A+ 06/28/97 Edgefest, Molson Park Barrie 85mins tp - ?gen A 06/30/97 Edgefest, Ottawa 85mins tp - 1st B 07/17/97 Intel Music Festival, 45mins tp - ?gen B 08/25/97 Edgefest'97,Tunderbird Stadium 80mins tp - ?gen A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 09/29/95 Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo 40mins tp - ?gen A 06/25/97 Jay Leno (Tonight Show) 5mins vd - Master A+ 06/28/97 Glastonbury Festival, England 40mins tp - 1gen A+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 08/20/96 New York, New York tp - ?gen B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Red Hot Chilly Peppers

??/??/?? Unknown ??mins tp - ?gens B- Sorry about the lack of info on this show. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


07/30/95 Milton Keynes Bowl, England 135mins tp - 1gen A 09/29/95 Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo 135mins tp - ?gen A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


03/08/97 CBC Realtime Special 25mins tp - ?gen A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- xx/xx/xx Mellon Collie demos tp - ?gen 08/25/95 Exit Under Burning Skies 85mins tp - ?gen A 02/05/97 New Orleans tp - ?gen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 09/18/93 Trois Rivieres, Quebec 70mins tp - ?gen B 11/20/95 Denver , CO 70mins tp - ?gen B+ 03/08/96 Waterloo,On 70mins tp - ?gen A- 06/30/96 Edgefest'96,Molson Park,Barrie70mins tp - ?gen A- 06/28/97 Edgefest'97,Molson Park,Barrie70mins tp - 1st A- 06/30/97 Edgefest'97, Ottawa 70mins tp - 1st B 08/25/97 Edgefest'97,Thunderbird Stadium70mins tp - ?gen A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- xx/xx/xx Bon Apeetit 80mins tp - ?gen B+ xx/xx/xx Eat me Completely 70mins tp - 1stgen A xx/xx/xx Fisherman's Paradise, Chicago 90mins tp - ?gen A+ xx/xx/xx Glastonbury and Elsewhere 70mins CD - gen A xx/xx/xx NOIS - Killer Whale Tank ver. 10mins tp - 1stgen xx/xx/xx Roxy and Elsewhere 70mins CD - gen A++ ??/??/88 Grand Central Station, Ottawa 70mins tp - ?gen B+ 08/??/89 Molson Tent, CNE,Toronto 45mins tp - ?gen A+ 06/24/90 Waterloo, ON 90mins tp - ?gen B ??/??/90 Halifax, NS 90mins tp - ?gen B ??/??/91 Pink Pop, Netherlands 15mins tp - ?gen A 04/??/91 Coyotes, Tucson, AZ 80mins tp - ?gen A 05/24/91 Hengelo, Netherlands 90mins tp - ?gen A+ 08/08/91 THE SPECTRUM, MONTREAL 60mins tp - ?gen A 04/30/92 Sydney, Australia 80mins tp - ?gen A 07/01/92 Barrie, ON 35mins tp - ?gen A 07/01/92 Vancouver, BC 35mins tp - ?gen A 12/09/92 The Logo, Hamburg, Germany 45mins tp - ?gen A 07/26/93 Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, ON 85mins tp - 2gen A 08/08/94 Harrisburg, PA 85mins tp - ?gen A 09/20/94 Minneapolis, Minn. 90mins tp - ?gen A- 11/10/94 Boston, MA 45mins tp - ?gen A 12/07/94 Gino, Stockholm, Sweden 70mins tp - ?gen A+ ??/??/95 Cleveland 90mins tp - ?gen B- 05/01/95 Bradley Center, Mil. 30mins tp - ?gen A 07/23/95 ARA 95, Capitol Speedway, 115mins tp - ?gen A 09/02/95 ARA 95, Hamilton, ON 115mins tp - ?gen A 05/06/96 Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto 90mins tp - ?gen A+ 05/29/96 9:30 Club, Washington DC 90mins tp - ?gen A+ 07/13/96 Edenfest, Mosport, ON 120mins vd - ?gen 08/18/96 Horde Festival, Saratoga, NY 90mins tp - ?gen A 11/19/96 WINNIPEG ARENA, WINNIPEG 120mins tp - ?gen 12/09/96 Montreal, PQ 135mins tp - ?gen A 12/12/96 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto 135mins tp - ?gen 03/08/97 (CBC)Rheostatics w/G.Downie 25mins tp - ?gen A 05/21/97 LBU With Interview 90mins rd - ?gem A 06/09/97 (NBNE Opener)Toronto, ON 135mins tp - ?gen A 07/23/97 Assiniboia Downs, Winnipeg 110mins tp - 2gen D 07/26/97 ARA: Darien Lake 130mins tp - 2gen A 08/02/97 Roadside Radio (4sngs Barrie) 20mins tp - 2gen A |====================================================================================|
Our Lady Peace 03/07/97 Winnepeg, MAN 80mins tp - ?gen B+


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