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This page is for those who take music to the next level...inward...
...whatever that may mean....
I mostly use this page as a 'bookmark' to all the links I frequent.
...and again....enjoy!

Picture Pages Sarah McLachlan

Sarah Mclachlan
King Crimson
Suzanne Vega
My favorite bass player of all time Tony Levin .
(He has played on countless albums from John Lennon to Peter Gabriel to Paula Cole.)
Rush's A Show Of Fans page has LOTS of great stuff.
Peter Gabriel's Real World
Super-kewl group They Might Be Giants is now here!!!
...and for the Swingers, check out the Cherry Poppin' Daddies page!

Here are some of the projects I play and have played on:

New for 2002: Redfern's Bass page

Echo Juliet

The UN-official page of Echo Juliet

Twelve Days Dry--the band

The official page of Twelve Days Dry.

Introspection--the band

The official page of: Introspection
Introspection tour dates
Pictures of Introspection.

Links to friends

See Gagzilla's new web page!!!
PHReD'S PHUNNIeS ...brought to you directly from da Phunny man himself!
Gizmogirl's page.
Elissa the Giggle Queen 's page.
Cassidy Pages: SerpentHead and Odyssey2

Interstate Musician Supply
Tower Lighting

CRASH! a detailed story of a 21 car accident i survived...about a year ago now.

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