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The bulk of this webspace is dedicated to REALbasic, a development environment for the Macintosh developed by Andrew Barry [who also created Spotlight], and currently being produced by REAL Software, a database company out of Austin, Texas. I created this webring with the help of Chris "Bruce" Daley, my new "mate" from Bruce Australia. All the fine art you find within these pages is courtesy of him, and he is quite the graphic artist. If you want to know more about his work as a professional graphic artist, or need to get ahold of him because you want him to do some design work for you, please visit his commercial web-space, called New Image.

This front page will now act as a launching station and menu for all the visitors from both the ring and the listserv. Chris and i are both conspiring to add features to this site, and make it more than just the home of the ring. If you are NOT in the ring, you may consider joining. Otherwise, please take advantage of the many other features of this site . We got a free all HTML chat room, courtesy of a web-hosting service. I am adding items as i go -- i now have 11 megs available. We are growing by leaps and bounds, and i recieved email recently from Virginia Tech that an online class on OOP is planning on visiting us!


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