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Hiya all. Don't see me on IRC anymore? That's coz I've zipped up the blasted programme and promised myself not to open it til um... after... um... after some time!

Anyway, I've got some CDs to sell. Check them out!

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    Here's a treat for all you guys... download the Smashing Pumpkin's rendition of Today (382kb, Real Audio) performed live in Stuttgart, Germany now!! It sounds fabulous... trust me on this!!! Enjoy!!

    If you don't already have it, get Real Audio now!!!

    people have come to my site to throw up... er... thanx! = )

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    Okie, I'm striving for 100% originality from now on. However, the graphics I am currently using are still not yet entirely original. Things like the line divider and my title are original though and it would please me not to see them on other pages. Thanx.

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