Daft's Page of Daftness!

Yes this really is me

OK this page is like under construction man, but one day it may even aspire to the dizzy hights of *really* really sucking...

DAFTSOD (n.) - Slang name for someone who acts stupidly or foolishly.

This page is only ever going to suck. Basically it's a repository for pictures and stuff about me, so that people who meet me on the internet have somewhere to go if they *really* want to find out more about me. Yes it's another one of those WWW pages... :)

So who am I? Well i'm 28 years old and Live in Ipswich in the UK. I work as a software engineer for a large telecoms company, which gives me the excellent perk of having free internet connection while at work which gives me something to do when the work just gets too much.

So why SunsetStrip as a home? Well as you see from the photo above i have long hair from years of lazyness and tendancies to like rock and heavy metal music! :) My tastes in music vary widely these days however, but basically if it's a band and they can play live they've got at least a chance of me liking them. All this rave and techno-crap is for people with no talent!!

Places where Daft Hangs out on the net

The Chatting Zone - Without doubt the best "talker" mud on the net. Meet new and exciting people from around the world! Build your fantasies, and if you're that way inclined, find the cybersex babe of your dreams. :) Virtually all of my friends in virtual life live here, and we're a pretty friendly bunch. :)
Daftys first TCZ photo's page! Just a few snaps taken from various meets. Be warned! I now have a scanner so will be prowling at future meets for really nasty pictures!

I wont bother with listing anywhere else as if you've managed to find this hole in cyberspace i'm sure you can find your own links. :)

DaftSod cannot take responsibility for any loss of sanity, money, so's, or indeed anything at all, caused by accessing any of the above links. Particularly, be *warned*... TCZ is addictive and can be damaging to your health. ;)

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