Added 10 April
Other Kuwaiti Deployed Personalities.

Just Added, 8 April
A Night in the Kuwaiti-Deployed Life of B-Nez
An autobiographical short story in two parts.

Welcome to my universe
As you can see, my universe consists mainly of guitars, and guitar-related stuff.  The table of contents
to the left will guide you through my universe.  My gear section features all of my guitar gear with setup notes, etc.

Alesis Quadraverb 2 users:
The Q2 Programs section has some of my own favorite programs in SYSEX fromat.  Hopefully I will be adding some
of yours in the near future.

My RX-7 Site
This is the other part of my universe -- My '91 FC3S NA-X.  Also has some tech tips from various repair jobs I've gotten
to do.

Check out this band from San Jose. Boy Kicks Girl. They're a pretty cool bunch of guys. 

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